Gadget Reviews
A Budget Projector for Home Usage
​If you are looking for the best projector that can be used for home theatres and has good picture quality, check out the Optoma HD66 projector. It costs less than a thousand dollars and retail price is about $650 dollars. Well, certainly this projector has a good value towards it. For the price of it, the picture quality is magnificent. It isn't 1080p HD but it still looks good even though it only runs on 720p video quality. Well, it is suitable for home usage. The Optoma HD66 has 3D features as well but it has limited capabilities. The 3D feature is only compatible for computer games and you will need a powerful computer to generate the 3 dimensional effects. The Optoma HD66 has a good colour scheme but the black colour is a little off. It still looks good but not that impressive. Also, there aren't many placement options to be done with this projector. So basically it's just a regular projector. It is great if you want to use it for home purposes only.
​Desire to Control
Sitting comfortably on my sofa while watching my favorite tv show, I asked my son about the quality of our newly bought home theatre set. Being too absorbed into the movie show, he did not notice that I was talking to him. So I grabbed the best universal remote control in my house and purportedly switched the channel from HBO to sports channel. Only then did he realized my existence and asked me to repeat my question. His unintentional ignorance actually made me feel proud of the theatre set I have bought. Looks like my money is well spent as the quality of the television, dvd player and the audio systems really are superb. It also comes with a universal remote control in which I can use it to switch on and control all the electronic devices by playing with a few buttons on the remote. Although my computer is of different brand than the theatre set, my remote can also do the same magic as it is programmable to accommodate for control of other electrical and electronic devices.